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History :

ASTRA 19 ° E (TNT SAT): 01/08/2015 Changes to the frequency ASTRA 19 ° E which prevents the antenna from finding the satellite.

EUTELSAT 5 ° W (FRANSAT) : 01/07/2017 Switching to everything DVBS2. The antenna can no longer find the satellite and the non-HD old generation positioners (without USB) must be replaced by HD versions (with USB)

ASTRA 19 ° E (TNT SAT) : 21/02/2018 Modification of a frequency of ASTRA 28 ° E impacting the research on ASTRA 19 ° E. The antenna founds, but no signal on the receiver.


- ADSB old generation positioners (2007 to 2015)

Are no longer compatible with the new broadcast standards (DVBS2) on EUTELSAT 5 ° W since 2017 and may eventually no longer be compatible with ASTRA 19 ° E.

A purchase order can be downloaded here or in the "ORDER FORM" tab


- ADSB HD positioners with mini-USB plug (2015 / .....)

Download the ZEN-RAD TOOL software here or in the "ZEN-RAD TOOL" tab for an update

It is not necessary to redo an update if it has already been done (at the end of the date of the last update). The positioner can not in any case "lose" the update.


- PALCO 20" TV

You can download the user manual and the updatet here




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